It is said that/is said to/(be) supposed to Practice 1

It is said that, He is said to, and sometimes (be) supposed to have the meaning "people say..." and they are often used in news reports.
i.e. An old lady in my town died last week, and people say that she gave a lot of money to charity.

It is said thatHe is said to(be) supposed to
It is said that she gave a lot of money to charity.She is said to have given a lot of money to charity.She is supposed to have given a lot of money to charity.
Some other verbs are also used in this construction: thought, believed, considered, reported, known, expected, alleged, understood

But (be) supposed to also has a few other meanings. It can also mean something that is planned, arranged, or expected.
i.e. I have to go home now because I'm supposed to make dinner for my little sister.

not supposed to is used for things that are not allowed or not advisable.
i.e. You're not supposed to go outside with your hair wet.

Rewrite each of the following sentences using it is said that, is said to, (be) supposed to or not supposed to. Sometimes there is more than one correct answer.

1. People say that Bob is afraid of spiders.

2. Sally is not allowed to have any snacks between meals.

3. The train should be here at 8:30 am.

4. It is said that the two companies will be merging soon.

5. That movie is supposed to be very good.

6. It is not advisable for you to park here.

7. He was in the army a long time ago.

8. Mary has arranged to have dinner with a friend tonight.

9. I had planned on doing the essay last night.

10. People say that he bought a jet with his winnings.

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