Present Perfect vs. Present Perfect Progressive Practice 1

Present PerfectPresent Perfect Progressive
action completed in pastaction begun in past and still in progress
He has watched that show before.He has been watching that show for two hours.

Fill in the blanks using the present perfect or the present perfect progressive.

1. That movie is pretty good. I it a few times. (see)

2. I don't think your friend is coming. We for 45 minutes. (wait)

3. He at that company for 10 years. (work)

4. I that grammar point three times and I still don't understand it. (read)

5. I don't have any energy left. We for two hours. (jog)

6. Sally is studying for a test. She for two hours. (study)

7. My ear is too sore to keep talking. We the phone for three hours! (use)

8. I to my parents three times but they still haven't responded. (write)

9. I my contacts for very long today, but they're already starting to bother me. (wear/not)

10. Mr. Smith very many countries. (visit/not)