Noun Clauses Practice 2

Noun clauses can be difficult but they are very useful for asking questions in a less direct and softer way. Rewrite each sentence using noun clauses. Look at the examples to see how it's done.

Where does he live? I don't know where he lives.
What did she say? Please tell me what she said.
Who is he? Can you tell me who he is?
Who is in the office? I don't know who is in the office.

1. What is in that drawer? I don't know

2. Who is in that room? I don't know

3. Whose car is in the driveway? Do you know

4. How much does this book cost? Could you please tell me

5. What is on TV tonight? I wonder

6. Where is the post office? Could you please tell me

7. Whose glasses are those? Could you tell me

8. Who am I? He doesn't know

9. What time is it? Could you please tell me

10. Who is that boy? I don't know