Noun Clauses Practice 1

Noun clauses can be difficult but they are very useful for asking questions in a less direct and softer way. Rewrite each sentence using noun clauses. Look at the examples to see how it's done.

Where does he live? I don't know where he lives.
What did she say? Please tell me what she said.
Who is he? Can you tell me who he is?
Who is in the office? I don't know who is in the office.

1. Who is she? I don't know

2. When did Tim leave? I don't know

3. What is that? Do you know

4. What are those? Can you tell me

5. Whose book is that? I don't know

6. Where can I buy a good radio? Do you know

7. What is a wrench? Do you know

8. Who is that woman? I wonder

9. Whose house is that? I wonder

10. What did he say? I didn't hear