Simple Past vs. Past Progressive Practice 2

Simple PastPast Progressive
use with the action that interruptsuse with the ongoing action
My husband called while I was making dinner.

Fill in the blanks with the correct tense (simple past or past progressive).

1. While the forest ranger in the woods, a fire . (walk/start)

2. A murder of crows by while the farmer a scarecrow. (fly/build)

3. While I my clothes, I my favourite shirt was gone. (unpack/realize)

4. While I down the stairs, I the phone ring. (run/hear)

5. When her husband Sally dinner. (arrive/cook)

6. There an earthquake while Jeff to work. (be/drive)

7. Just as Frank his homework, he another assignment he had to do. (finish/remember)

8. My husband the dishes when I finally back home. (wash/come)

9. Someone Simon's picture while he on a bench. (take/sit)

10. Ted about the previous day when I into the room. (think/come)