Simple Past vs. Past Progressive Practice 1

Simple PastPast Progressive
use with the action that interruptsuse with the ongoing action
My husband called while I was making dinner.

Fill in the blanks with the correct tense (simple past or past progressive).

1. While I TV, the doorbell . (watch/ring)

2. Jack his presentation when the fire alarm . (finish/start)

3. Just as I my front door, a cat inside. (open/run)

4. My mom me while I dinner. (telephone/eat)

5. While I to work, I an accident. (walk/witness)

6. When the mailman , I my exercises. (arrive/do)

7. When I , my alarm clock . (wake up/ring)

8. Peter me while I on the train. (phone/sit)

9. While I out the window, it raining. (look/start)

10. As I the building, a police car through the gate. (leave/drive)

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