Gerunds vs. Infinitives Practice 3

Some verbs are always followed by gerundssome verbs are always followed by infinitives
I enjoy running.I need to run.
Some verbs can be followed by a gerundor an infinitive
I like running.I like to run.
Prepositions are always followed by a gerund
He is afraid of running.

Fill in the blanks using a gerund (-ing form of verb) or an infinitive (to + verb).

1. I was thinking about some Christmas cookies this year. (bake)

2. The rude customer refused , so I called the police. (leave)

3. Don't tell her the answer! She's trying it herself. (solve)

4. He appears a very nice person. (be)

5. We all agreed one another at least three times a year. (see)

6. Last night we discussed to a new city. (move)

7. I have had many job interviews. I keep too nervous and messing up. (get)

8. I promise that next year I will quit . (smoke)

9. Would you like a movie with me? (see)

10. My boss offered for my lunch but I refused. (pay)

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