Gerunds vs. Infinitives Practice 2

Some verbs are always followed by gerundssome verbs are always followed by infinitives
I enjoy running.I need to run.
Some verbs can be followed by a gerundor an infinitive
I like running.I like to run.
Prepositions are always followed by a gerund
He is afraid of running.

Fill in the blanks using a gerund (-ing form of verb) or an infinitive (to + verb).

1. He should be here any minute. He promised on time. (be)

2. Debbie is considering for that peace group. (volunteer)

3. I expected him here already. (be)

4. I forgot the TV last night. (turn off)

5. He doesn't seem to mind to work every day. (commute)

6. She always puts off her essays until the last minute. (write)

7. The doctor told him to quit before it was too late. (smoke)

8. I don't think that's what the teacher meant. She meant that cheating isn't good. (say)

9. I want (go) next weekend. (camp)

10. We intend this bar whether you like it or not! (enter)

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