Gerunds vs. Infinitives Practice 1

Some verbs are always followed by gerundssome verbs are always followed by infinitives
I enjoy running.I need to run.
Some verbs can be followed by a gerundor an infinitive
I like running.I like to run.
Prepositions are always followed by a gerund
He is afraid of running.

Fill in the blanks using a gerund (-ing form of verb) or an infinitive (to + verb).

1. I need for my geometry exam tomorrow. (study)

2. I enjoy with friends. (cook)

3. Liz started about her plans for the weekend. (talk)

4. They have decided into a new apartment. (move)

5. They finished the boxes at midnight. (unpack)

6. Are you planning anyone with you on your road trip? (take)

7. The porter offered me with my luggage. (help)

8. We had just begun dinner when the first trick-or-treater showed up. (eat)

9. Please stop so quickly! (drive)

10. Did you remember the door this morning? (lock)

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