For vs. Since Practice 2

Duration of time
It answers the question "How long?"
Starting point
It answers the question "When did it start?"
i.e. for 2 hours
i.e. for one month
i.e. for five minutes
i.e. since last month
i.e. since 5 years ago
i.e. since Christmas

Fill in the gaps with for or since.

1. Can I speak to you a few minutes?

2. I hope I won't have to work here a long time.

3. He's been in love the first day he met her.

4. I lived in Japan two years.

5. when do you know so much?

6. I've played soccer I was a child.

7. They've lived together this time last year.

8. Let's go to the park a few hours.

9. I haven't seen him the party last night.

10. Bob hasn't called me some time.