For vs. Since Practice 1

Duration of time
It answers the question "How long?"
Starting point
It answers the question "When did it start?"
i.e. for 2 hours
i.e. for one month
i.e. for five minutes
i.e. since last month
i.e. since 5 years ago
i.e. since Christmas

Fill in the gaps with for or since.

1. I've known my best friend 15 years.

2. I haven't eaten any chocolate last Christmas.

3. He's been sick the last week.

4. Bob's worked there 1984.

5. I've been telling you to hurry up the last 30 minutes!

6. My mother has been trying to call me last week.

7. They have been colleagues a long time.

8. He has been studying Russian a few months.

9. I haven't seen her last year.

10. I've been angry at him a couple of weeks ago.

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