Adjectives vs. Adverbs Practice 2

describes a noundescribes a verb, adjective, or another adverb
most, but not all, adverbs end in -ly
i.e. good student
i.e. fast car
i.e. purple door
i.e. real wood
i.e. do well
i.e. strangely nice
i.e. really quickly

Choose between the adjective and the adverbs for each of the following sentences.

1. He hurt himself very _____.

2. I like working _____ with my colleagues.

3. My neighbour always has very _____ parties.

4. As an editor, you must read very _____.

5. At that doctor's office there is a _____ waiting time.

6. Could you please speak a little more _____?

7. That was a _____ show!

8. That movie was _____ long.

9. I was _____ impressed by his application.

10. He goes jogging very _____