Adjectives vs. Adverbs Practice 1

describes a noundescribes a verb, adjective, or another adverb
most, but not all, adverbs end in -ly
i.e. good student
i.e. fast car
i.e. purple door
i.e. real wood
i.e. do well
i.e. strangely nice
i.e. really quickly

Choose between the adjective and the adverbs for each of the following sentences.

1. I sang very _____ at that concert.

2. He looked at me with a _____ look in his eyes.

3. That soup tastes _____.

4. He is a _____ learner.

5. That sweater was _____ expensive.

6. He is an _____ man.

7. Something doesn't smell _____.

8. His jacket is made from _____ leather.

9. I forgot my classes at home, so I can't see very _____

10. That car moves _____.

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