Simple Present vs. Present Progressive Practice 3

Simple PresentPresent Progressive
use for habits or routinesuse for actions in progress
I go to school every day.I am walking to school right now.
use for general truthsuse for temporary situations
Water is wet.I usually drive to work but this week I am going by bus.
Keywords: every day, sometimes, oftenKeywords: right now, now

Fill in the blanks with the Simple Present or the Present Progressive

1. He the wine as we speak. (taste)

2. Is the book you any good? (read)

3. I to the fitness center once a week. (go)

4. Bob his fourth book. (write)

5. Wendy hamburgers more than hotdogs. (like)

6. The movie I is pretty boring. (watch)

7. Stephen a shower now. (take)

8. I the TV every night at 7 pm. (turn on)

9. He afraid of spiders. (be)

10. She a picture for me. (paint)