Simple Present vs. Present Progressive Practice 2

Simple PresentPresent Progressive
use for habits or routinesuse for actions in progress
I go to school every day.I am walking to school right now.
use for general truthsuse for temporary situations
Water is wet.I usually drive to work but this week I am going by bus.
Keywords: every day, sometimes, oftenKeywords: right now, now

Fill in the blanks with the Simple Present or the Present Progressive

1. George usually shopping on Fridays. (go)

2. Mary to music on the subway. (listen)

3. He can't come to the phone right now because he some applicants. (interview)

4. Every month I a big party with lots of friends. (have)

5. He a hard time with his math homework tonight. (have)

6. This cake great! (taste)

7. They the dog for a walk at the moment. (take)

8. She can't hear you because she to music. (listen)

9. That soup really good! (smell)

10. Don't turn the VCR off! I a show. (record)