Simple Present vs. Present Progressive Practice 1

Simple PresentPresent Progressive
use for habits or routinesuse for actions in progress
I go to school every day.I am walking to school right now.
use for general truthsuse for temporary situations
Water is wet.I usually drive to work but this week I am going by bus.
Keywords: every day, sometimes, oftenKeywords: right now, now

Choose between the Simple Present and the Present Progressive and write the correct sentence in the space below.

1. What sports do you play? / What sports are you playing?

2. Do you read any books now? / Are you reading any books now?

3. What do you do right now? / What are you doing right now?

4. What do you learn now? / What are you learning now?

5. How often do you write letters? / How often are you writing letters?

6. How do you spell your name? / How are you spelling your name?

7. What do you wear now? / What are you wearing now?

8. How do you get to work every day?/ How are you getting to work every day?

9. What music do you like? / What music are you liking?

10. How many siblings do you have? / How many siblings are you having?