Simple Past vs. Present Perfect Practice 4

Simple PastPresent Perfect
Specified time in pastUnspecified time in past
I visited Japan last year.I have visited Japan.
Finished ActionUnfinished Action
I went shopping twice last month.I have gone shopping twice this month
Finished Action + forUnfinished Action + for
He lived in Paris for two years.He has lived in London for one year.
*He is no longer in Paris.*He is still in London
Keywords: recently, since, just

Fill in the blanks using the Simple Past (Sam saw a movie yesterday) or the Present Perfect (Sam has seen that movie once).

1. Those three kids outside without an adult. (never/go)

2. My younger brother (be) really annoying when he a child. (be)

3. Susan's favourite sport (be) tennis; then she ping pong. (discover)

4. I to visit China. (always/want)

5. There a lot of car accidents at that intersection last winter. (be)

6. I live in Munich now. I there for two years. (be)

7. Last night there a really funny show on TV. (be)

8. Steve (get) a car when he sixteen. (turn)

9. I (play) soccer since I five. (be)

10. He a full-time job. (never/have)