Simple Past vs. Present Perfect Practice 3

Simple PastPresent Perfect
Specified time in pastUnspecified time in past
I visited Japan last year.I have visited Japan.
Finished ActionUnfinished Action
I went shopping twice last month.I have gone shopping twice this month
Finished Action + forUnfinished Action + for
He lived in Paris for two years.He has lived in London for one year.
*He is no longer in Paris.*He is still in London
Keywords: recently, since, just

Fill in the blanks using the Simple Past (i.e. When did you wake up today?) or the Present Perfect (i.e. Have you gone skydiving?).

1. How many times that movie? (see/he)

2. Since what age soccer? (play/you)

3. a ghost? (see/you/ever)

4. to Oktoberfest last year? (go/they)

5. anything interesting last night? (cook/you)

6. tennis recently? (play/you)

7. How many cities in? (live/you)

8. late for last night's concert? (be/we)

9. What for breakfast this morning? (eat/you)

10. How many boyfriends ? (have/she)